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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

No. You cannot simply import contacts list and start sending text messages. Only when a person gives express written permission, may you import their number into your account and begin to text them.

Promote your text service through your other communication channels (email, social sites, PR/advertising, conversation, printed pieces, etc.) and give your audience compelling reasons to opt-in.

Events promotions, for example, are a great way to get people to your text system. Running special offers has also been shown as effective methods for getting people to opt-in.

By incorporating your text service call-to-action into your regular marketing and by leveraging the power of text to provide your members, attendees, staff, board, and volunteers reminders and updates, you can grow your opt-in list quickly.

Self opt-in methods:

By Phone – Person texts your custom keyword to texting number
By Web Widget – Person enters their mobile number into your web widget on your website.
By Form – Person ticks a properly formatted “Opt-in to Texts” checkbox on your site or paper form.
By Email – Person sends an email request to have you add them to your opt-in list.

A person can opt-out from their phone by texting the word “STOP” in the text thread.

If you want to remind your opt-ins how they can opt-out from your text service, add the instruction “STOP to opt-out.” to the end of your text messages.

You can also manually remove a person from your text service by clicking the Manage Opt-in List button within your GivBee account, searching for the person by mobile number, email or name, then clicking delete.

No. Your opt-in keyword is not case sensitive. However, when you display your opt-in call-to-action on digital or print media we recommend showing the opt-in keyword in all caps and in quotes.

Widgets are convenient for several uses including:
– Quick and easy way for web visitors to join your text service.
– Easy way for people to access a specific message (Donate, Directions, Survey, Wifi Info, etc.).
– Easy way for people to join a specific text group or activity list within your system.

Web Widgets are provided as iframe code. iFrames cannot be embedded directly into your Facebook page. However, you can paste a link to your web widget into your Facebook posts and Tweets.

Our customers do all kinds of things with our platform. Here are a few…

– Send reminders and invitations
– Raise funds and collect pledges
– For event communication with attendees; exhibitors, staff
– Share links to videos and photo pages
– Communicate with internal teams
– Send coupons and offers
– Tell people their food order is ready
– Promote ticket sales
– Collect feedback via text polls and surveys
– Send important alerts

Here’s how to allow text messaging services (updated 3/2017):

Sign in to sprint.com with valid username and password. Click the My Preferences tab.
Under Limits and Permissions, select Block texts.
Click to select the phone you wish to manage settings for – a Restricted symbol indicates that phone is currently restricted.
You will see 6 options for settings for the phone.
To unblock or allow all services, click Do not block any text messages.
Once you make your selection, the symbol will change to a green Updated checkmark.
Click Save. If updates were saved successfully you will see a confirmation message.
Turn your phone off and back on for the new settings to take effect.

Instructions are available on Sprint’s own site, here: Sprint Support Page

Accordion Content

FAQs for DonorPerfect Users

To sign up for DPText, please contact your DonorPerfect rep or call 800-220-8111.  

If DPText finds a matching record in DonorPerfect (based on a matching email) where the person’s mobile number does not match, DPText will overwrite the mobile number with the user’s current one. DPText will also save the user’s old mobile number as a previous address record within DonorPerfect. DPText does not overwrite any other data found in an existing DonorPerfect record.

No. DPText only creates a new DonorPerfect record when it has collected the first name, last name, and email address from the individual via a text-based exchange before. DPText Inspire & Engage messages can be set up to ask for these details.

Although DPText (GivBee) enables you to include donation links (eg. weblinks) inside the text messages you send to supporters, the donation data is captured and passed by your online page, not DPText.

It can. By creating an Inspire & Engage message that requires the user to provide their first name, last name and email address with their Pledge Amount, DPText is able to transfer the pledge information into the corresponding DonorPerfect record as a new Pledge.

It can. By creating a DPText Inspire & Engage message that requires the user to give their first name, last name and email as part of their volunteer application, DPText can generate a new Contact in DonorPerfect. The user’s responses to the text-based application get added to the Notes field.

Hint: Use the DPText web widget to capture name and email from the volunteer before they complete the application by text.

You can find more about the DPText integration and the plans on SofterWare’s website: https://www.donorperfect.com/integrations/email-marketing/dp-text/

If donations are not appearing on the meter, it means one of the following is happening
1. No donations have been made to the selected campaign for the chosen dates.
2. Your donations source settings or date range is incorrect. Please check all settings (GL, Campaign, Solicitation, Sub Solicitation) carefully.
3. Donations are not set to auto download into DonorPerfect. You can modify that setting in your DonorPerfect account.

FAQs for Neon CRM users

No. NeonCRM is the system of record. GivBee only creates new records and adds new data. It does not overwrite data inside an existing record.

No. GivBee only creates a new NeonCRM record when no matching record is found. GivBee must collect the first name, last name, and email address before it will create a new record in NeonCRM. Without this user data, GivBee will not create a new record.

Data exchanges between GivBee and NeonCRM occur within a few seconds of the text exchange. See FAQ above for more.

Yes. GivBee passes donation information to NeonCRM.
Records created by GivBee show “GivBee Texting” in NeonCRM’s Origin Detail field.

Recurring donations are supported through Neon donation pages that can be used with your GivBee text messaging, but not via the PayPal payment feature in GivBee.

Click here to learn more about the GivBee/NeonCRM integration.GivBee/NeonCRM integration

Helpful Hints

1. Always practice respectful texting by knowing and living up to your frequency commitment (ie. up to 3 messages/month) and never send texts at off hours.
2. Test your text messages on your own phone before sending to your list.
3. If a person asks you to add them to the opt-in list, do not wait too long. Opt the person in before he/she has time to forget what they’ve signed up for.
4. Always remind your opt-ins to practice safe and responsible texting. For example, they should never send or read texts while driving.
5. When possible, add the words “Reply STOP to quit” into your push messages, to remind people how to opt-out.
6. Review your initial opt-in greeting message regularly. Is it current and still relevant?
7. When promoting your service on a web page or printed promotion, tell people what they can expect to receive from your organization through the text service.
8. Optimize your web forms before you send its link in your text message. Web pages should always be mobile optimized. Hint: Simplify that form as much as possible!
9. Convert long links into short links using free services like bitly and tinyurl.
10. Mix it up! Keep your texting content fresh and fun to keep your audience interested, active and opted-in.

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has produced a guide to implementing short code programs.
Get it here: “The MMA Consumer Best Practices (CBP) for Messaging”

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