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Text Messaging for Restaurants: “Your Carryout Order is Ready!”

The whole world is hooked on texting. Collectively, billions of texts are sent and received every day. We get them from our friends, coworkers, schools, churches, professional offices, local businesses and more. Studies show that 98% of texts get read within the first three minutes of being received. So why is text messaging for restaurants something you should look into? Let’s find out.

What does text messaging for restaurants look like?

A full-featured texting system gives the owners of restaurants, food trucks, and other food and beverage establishments the ability to leverage the power and simplicity of text messaging to communicate with customers and promote their business.  It can help you…

How does texting help with food order takeout?

As carryout service at restaurants continues to grow in popularity here in the U.S., the need to simplify the process grows too. Restaurant managers looking to streamline the ordering process while keeping customer frustration to a minimum will quickly see the benefits of a text message alert system. Here’s an example of how it can work in three easy steps:

  1. When a carryout order is placed, the hostess enters the customer’s name and cell number into the system via a tablet or PC.
  2. In an instant, the customer receives a text confirmation, “Thanks, Ron! Your order is now being prepared. We’ll text you when it’s ready.” ‘
  3. When the order is bagged and ready for pickup, the hostess hits a button to send a second text alert, “Hi Ron, your order is now ready. See you in a few!”

This simple process is efficient, friendly and impactful. Your customers will be grateful for not having to wait in a crowded entryway for an order that may not yet be ready. Instead, they can relax at their tables, stand outside with friends, or wait comfortably in their cars until their order is bagged and ready. If you prefer to hand-deliver orders to customers’ cars, you can customize the text message with the proper instructions, “Hi Ron. Please stay in your car, we will bring it to you!” 

These are just a few ways text messaging for restaurants can help improve the customer experience and grow business. To see how GivBee’s texting can work for you, schedule a live demo.

For more information about text messaging for restaurants, be sure to visit givbee.com.


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