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6 Reasons Why Texting for Food Trucks is a Great Idea


Just like any brick-and-mortar restaurant, there are numerous responsibilities food truck owners manage every day. Food cost, operating expenses, local regulations, and of course, cooking…the list goes on and on.

As a food truck owner, one tool you can use to simplify your food service, drive sales and increase customer satisfaction is texting. Using technology to your advantage is one easy way to take a few of the numerous responsibilities off your plate. Here are six reasons why texting for food trucks is a great idea.

Instantly notify customers their order is ready

If you struggle with customers disappearing after they’ve placed their orders, texting can really help. With a web-based text system, you can enter the customer’s name and cell number into a tablet. Then, as each order is ready, tap the screen to send a personalized text like: “Hi Glenn, Your food is ready! Please see us at the window to pick up.” 

Text alerts aren’t just good for you, they also enable customers to find shade on hot days and not stress out about missing their order being called out.

Let your customers know where you’re going to be

Face it…not every past customer checks your social sites for location updates. But with a texting platform, you can send targeted text messages directly to prior customers with connections to specific locations. For example, if you’re going to park near Company Z on Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., you can send a message to those customers early in the day.

We’ll be serving an amazing menu of sandwiches and wraps outside your building today from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Tap here to place your order early.”

Offer coupons to your customers

Text coupons are a great way to draw a crowd and increase sales. You can send a 10% off coupon via text along with the reminder (see #2) or as a thank you for their previous order.  You can even build a simple text-based loyalty program for your VIPs. Simply tell customers to text “VIP” into your text number to sign up for future deals and promotions.

“Come see us this weekend and get 10% off by showing this text.”

Promote new or existing services

Texting is an effective way to complement your existing marketing channels by promoting other aspects of your business. After a customer opts-in to receive texts from your food truck, you can text them information about your catering services, brick-and-mortar restaurant, events and sales on merchandise.

“Did you know we cater? It’s true. We do!”

Receive real-time feedback

Sending a text instead of an online survey is a simple way to get customers to give you quick, instant feedback, ratings, and reviews – even while they eat. You can have them answer a text-based survey click a link to submit an online review.

“What did you think of that lunch you just ate? Tap here to tell us”

Advertise upcoming festivals and events

If you want to get the word out about an upcoming event or festival, there’s no better way to create buzz than texting your existing fans. Participating in a food truck competition? With a simple text send, you can reach your VIPs and prior customers and tip the scales in your favor.  

“We’ll be all around town this month. Reply “CALENDAR” to see our latest event schedule.”

These are just a few ways texting for food trucks can help you maintain and grow your business. To see how GivBee’s texting can work for you, schedule a live demo.


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